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In pursuit of perfect virtual love in Japan…

This is quite old piece of news from 2009 but still may raise eyebrows of many people when talking about some more surprising facets of Japanese relationships. I am talking about first-ever marriage between a young Japanese man and video … Continue reading

The end justifies the means or “Boob Aid” charity event in Japan

As a sexologist I am pleased to hear that people raised tens of thousands of dollars for AIDS prevention, on the other hand – it must be admitted – this is quite non-conventional way when a group of Japanese porn … Continue reading

The Japanese way of Valentine’s Day! Love reversal.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day 2013, and have fun reading an article in The Sydney Morning Herald about Japanese ideas during this special day.

Popularity of ‘white weddings’ surges in Japan

As the saying goes, in Japan you are born Shinto, married Christian, and die Buddhist. If you want to know more what it means, please check this link out!