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Experiencing Culture Shock in Japan

Experiencing Culture Shock in Japan. A group of students asked me to participate in their project and I am happy to share the video they produced. Good job! The culture shock in a nutshell. Congratulations to Megan Gruspe, Di Hou … Continue reading

Zesshoku-danshi 絶食男子 – fasting men.

It looks like there is quite new label coined by Japanese media for the rapidly growing number of modern Japanese men who are called zesshoku-danshi 絶食男子 “fasting men”. They are not interested in women and sex at all. These young … Continue reading

The anatomy of dependence by Takeo Doi – Japanese Psychology and Japanese Mind

The Anatomy of Dependence (甘えの構造 Amae no kōzō) is one of the most important contributions to the science of Japanese mind and how Japanese define the social interactions. The book written by Japanese psychoanalyst Takeo Doi,  describes his insight into the … Continue reading

Are the Japanese really not interesting in sex? William Pesek about The Lust Beneath Japan’s Sex Drought. From Bloomberg.com

This is another commentary about the Japanese and the sex crisis in terms of sexless couples and singles and young Japanese who apparently are not interested in sex. Well, William Pesek is willing to challenge the common motion about sexless … Continue reading

Mental Health Issues in Japan. Book recommendation

I strongly recommend a book: Mental Health Challenges Facing Contemporary Japanese Society. The “Lonely People” by Yuko Kawanishi, which presents a comprehensive analysis of such phenomena like: Karoshi, Sexless Marriages, Hikikomori, Parasite Singles and much more!

Japan’s Cultural Codes

This time I want to mention a book The Japan’s Cultural Code Words by Boyé Lafayette De Mente, which enormously helps to understand the Japanese character and cultural communication codes,  and is recommended to anyone, who wants to get a deeper … Continue reading

Sex and the Japanese. The Sensual Side of Japan

Recently I came across an interesting and lightly written book by Boyé Lafayette De Mente, an American author, journalist, and adventurer, about ‘the sensual side of Japan’. Probably not for the academic discussion, because it is not the peer-reviewed piece … Continue reading

Sex related culture in Japan from the early 90’s to present day.

If you are keen on having a bit better understanding of the changes in Japan over the last 20 years, please check the following links to documentary films provided below. 1994 Female Sexuality in Japan by ABC Australia 2009 Tokyo … Continue reading

The Japanese way of Valentine’s Day! Love reversal.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day 2013, and have fun reading an article in The Sydney Morning Herald about Japanese ideas during this special day.

Popularity of ‘white weddings’ surges in Japan

As the saying goes, in Japan you are born Shinto, married Christian, and die Buddhist. If you want to know more what it means, please check this link out!