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The sexist comments hurled at a Japanese assemblywoman by governing party members.

A clear example that Japan is still a male dominated society prompt to sexist behaviours: the incident during Tokyo assembly meeting after lawmakers hurled sexist comments at an assemblywoman Ayaka Shiomura giving a speech about the need for more services for … Continue reading

Book review – The New Paradox for Japanese Women: Greater Choice, Greater Inequality by Toshiaki Tachibanaki (橘木 俊詔)

Recently I have come across a very interesting analysis of modern Japanese women and their dilemmas related to the society, family and gender roles presented in a book published in 2010: The New Paradox for Japanese Women: Greater Choice, Greater Inequality, … Continue reading

Japanese women and the workforce – how Japan is holding back half the nation. The Economist 29 March 2014

I highly recommend reading an article Holding back half the nation published by The Economist about Japan’s work attitude towards women. You can find interesting data and analysis. Enjoy your reading!

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary – by Vibeke Venema on BBC World Service

There are still parts of the world where millions of women have no access to proper sanitary pads and as a result, they use unhygienic substances during menstruation, instead of sanitary pads. According to a 2011 survey by AC Nielsen, … Continue reading

The Japanese way of Valentine’s Day! Love reversal.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day 2013, and have fun reading an article in The Sydney Morning Herald about Japanese ideas during this special day.

Cultural concepts of masculinity and femininity

I highly recommend The Codes of Gender, if you want to understand better how popular culture shapes the perception of femininity and masculinity. The movie is great!

Nature versus Nurture

One of a very famous and tragic stories in the history of sexology is a case of John/Joan (David Reimer). This documentary may offer you food for thought in terms of what really makes us a man or a woman. Dr. Money … Continue reading