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New workshop on Sexuality and Intimacy held in Tokyo.

This is something special for you, if you are interested in Sexuality. The new workshop on The Importance of Sex & Intimacy in Relationships, hosted by Find Your Element, is coming on April, 5th. Please check it out for more … Continue reading

Sexuality and loneliness in Japan

Recently I have had great pleasure to take part in Dutch TV production by BNN VARA network about sexuality and loneliness in Japan.

Experiencing Culture Shock in Japan

Experiencing Culture Shock in Japan. A group of students asked me to participate in their project and I am happy to share the video they produced. Good job! The culture shock in a nutshell. Congratulations to Megan Gruspe, Di Hou … Continue reading

You know you’ve been in Japan too long when…

Witty and hilarious article on Japantoday.com about foreigners living in Japan. You know you’ve been in Japan too long when… by Philip Kendall Expect a good laugh!

A must-see documentary about living in Japan from the foreigners’ perspective.

I strongly recommend watching a documentary A life in Japan, based on the interviews with long term foreign residents in Japan. You may learn a lot! This documentary is a great source of information about Japan and Japanese people through the … Continue reading

The Japan Times about counseling for expats in Tokyo.

A few days ago, on August 30th, an article in The Japan Times about the life of immigrants in Japan through the eyes of psychotherapist has been published. I was interviewed and was offered an opportunity to talk about how … Continue reading

Upcoming training session in sex therapy – an integrative approach on 23rd June 2013

I am pleased to inform about the sex therapy workshop for the health professionals organized by the Japan Association of Family Therapy in Tokyo. This workshop is designed for mental health professionals, who are interested in incorporating principles of sex … Continue reading