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Sexuality and loneliness in Japan

Recently I have had great pleasure to take part in Dutch TV production by BNN VARA network about sexuality and loneliness in Japan.

The documentary “Fighting an Invisible Enemy”

I recommend to watch the documentary about the mental health in Japan “Fighting an Invisible Enemy“, created by Taiyo Yagi, Dallace Johnson, and Zhou Jiayang, produced for Ethnographic Documentary Class, SILS, WASEDA UNIVERSITY 201 Dr. Dariusz Piotr Skowronski, Dr. Yuko … Continue reading

La Cultura del Sexo – documentary series on Sexuality around the world.

Recently I had a great pleasure to take part in the documentary production by Chilean Villano TV on the episode about sexuality in Japan. It was a very interesting project, touching on various aspects of sex in the Japanese context. … Continue reading

Tokyo Girls – an insightful documentary by Penelope Buitenhuis about hostess bars in Japan

Tokyo Girls is a very insightful documentary film directed by Penelope Buitenhuis (2000, produced by The National Film Board of Canada), showing the complex world of nightclubs and hostess bars in Japan, discussing very openly the gleams and shadows of … Continue reading

A must-see documentary about living in Japan from the foreigners’ perspective.

I strongly recommend watching a documentary A life in Japan, based on the interviews with long term foreign residents in Japan. You may learn a lot! This documentary is a great source of information about Japan and Japanese people through the … Continue reading

No sex please. We are Japanese. By Anita Rani on BBC.

I highly recommend watching the documentary No sex please. We are Japanese, by Anita Rani from BBC, which offers more insight into the contemporary Japanese sexuality and socio-demographic contributing factors.

Sex related culture in Japan from the early 90’s to present day.

If you are keen on having a bit better understanding of the changes in Japan over the last 20 years, please check the following links to documentary films provided below. 1994 Female Sexuality in Japan by ABC Australia 2009 Tokyo … Continue reading

Nature versus Nurture

One of a very famous and tragic stories in the history of sexology is a case of John/Joan (David Reimer). This documentary may offer you food for thought in terms of what really makes us a man or a woman. Dr. Money … Continue reading

Ted Bundy – the psychopath and serial killer with sexual obsessions

I recommend this documentary about Ted Bundy, if you want to analyse the combination of factors in the process of development of a serial killer’s mind. The combination of the troubled childhood, abuse, narcissism, psychopathy, sex obsessions and crimes, addiction … Continue reading