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Book recommendation: Japanese Higher Education as Myth – 2002 by Brian J. McVeigh

This book is recommended to every educator in Japan, both Japanese and non-Japanese national, who wants and needs to be better prepared for challenges and shortcomings of Japanese Tertiary Educational System. Brian J. McVeigh in his scathing analysis of Japanese … Continue reading

Book recommendation: Online Counseling, 2nd ed.: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals Hardcover – 2010 (Eds.) Ron Kraus, George Stricker & Cedric Speyer

This is a great read for everyone, who is interested in online counselling and therapy. Online counseling 2nd edition provides highly practical and applicable tools in different online settings, offering a comprehensive and useful resource of information for online therapists … Continue reading

Feminism in Modern Japan: Citizenship, Embodiment and Sexuality – book recommendation

Feminism in Modern Japan: Citizenship, Embodiment and Sexuality by Vera Mackie is a great read for everyone, who wants to understand modern Japanese women who rebelled against convention. Highly recommended to Students, academics and general public interested in the contemporary Japanese … Continue reading

Book recommendation – Constructing the Sexual Crucible: An Integration of Sexual and Marital Therapy by Dr. David Schnarch

Highly recommended landmark book for every professional, who is working in the field of sexuality and marital counselling/couples therapy. Please read more on Constructing The Sexual Crucible Overview and follow the link to Crucible® Therapy at Crucible® Institute website.

Book review – The New Paradox for Japanese Women: Greater Choice, Greater Inequality by Toshiaki Tachibanaki (橘木 俊詔)

Recently I have come across a very interesting analysis of modern Japanese women and their dilemmas related to the society, family and gender roles presented in a book published in 2010: The New Paradox for Japanese Women: Greater Choice, Greater Inequality, … Continue reading

The anatomy of dependence by Takeo Doi – Japanese Psychology and Japanese Mind

The Anatomy of Dependence (甘えの構造 Amae no kōzō) is one of the most important contributions to the science of Japanese mind and how Japanese define the social interactions. The book written by Japanese psychoanalyst Takeo Doi,  describes his insight into the … Continue reading

Mental Health Issues in Japan. Book recommendation

I strongly recommend a book: Mental Health Challenges Facing Contemporary Japanese Society. The “Lonely People” by Yuko Kawanishi, which presents a comprehensive analysis of such phenomena like: Karoshi, Sexless Marriages, Hikikomori, Parasite Singles and much more!

Japan’s Cultural Codes

This time I want to mention a book The Japan’s Cultural Code Words by Boyé Lafayette De Mente, which enormously helps to understand the Japanese character and cultural communication codes,  and is recommended to anyone, who wants to get a deeper … Continue reading

Sex and the Japanese. The Sensual Side of Japan

Recently I came across an interesting and lightly written book by Boyé Lafayette De Mente, an American author, journalist, and adventurer, about ‘the sensual side of Japan’. Probably not for the academic discussion, because it is not the peer-reviewed piece … Continue reading

Online Counseling, 2nd ed.: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals (Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional)

An excellent publication for online professionals including psychologists, doctors and counsellors. Highly recommended book if you plan to offer your professional services online.