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The end justifies the means or “Boob Aid” charity event in Japan

As a sexologist I am pleased to hear that people raised tens of thousands of dollars for AIDS prevention, on the other hand – it must be admitted – this is quite non-conventional way when a group of Japanese porn … Continue reading

Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm. From TED talks

If you have aver wondered what is in utero fetal masturbation or whether it is possible to trigger an orgasm reflex in dead person, or even what is the relationship between modern farmers in Denmark and piglets production, then it … Continue reading

Advertisement on women’s legs in Japan

From a cognitive perspective a good advertisement should be put where many people look and women’s legs seem to be a perfect canvas. In Japan a new advertising service allows women to rent out their own legs to advertisers. The … Continue reading

Shocking story: Genital-cooking Japanese man

Sounds bizarre and it is! However, it may be very interesting to analyse his act as an extreme form of sexual behaviour even if it is not directly related to obtaining sexual pleasure. And even if he claims he is … Continue reading