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Psychologist’s casual observations. Part 1 – kitsch phallus

You can buy kitsch phalli, like phallus key rings, phallus bottle openers, phallus ash trays, desk stands, etc., in many countries, but probably one of the largest variety of curios phalli can be found in Bali, Indonesia. As a psychologist … Continue reading

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary – by Vibeke Venema on BBC World Service

There are still parts of the world where millions of women have no access to proper sanitary pads and as a result, they use unhygienic substances during menstruation, instead of sanitary pads. According to a 2011 survey by AC Nielsen, … Continue reading

China and Japan: Seven decades of bitterness by Mariko Oi and Haining Liu on BBC News Magazine

I recommend reading the article: China and Japan: Seven decades of bitterness, authored by Mariko Oi and Haining Liu on BBC News Magazine, to everyone, who is interested in a balanced, well researched and very well written analysis of Chinese-Japanese relations over last … Continue reading

Sexing up Singapore according to Kenneth Paul Tan (NUS)

If you are keen on understanding better Singaporean culture, which may be quite confusing for expats, read the article on Sexing up Singapore by Kenneth Paul Tan from the National University of Singapore. The article offers you intriguing insight into contemporary social … Continue reading

How society teaches us about sexuality-related norms.

Want to get a hint about sexuality-related social norms in Singapore? Just have a look!