Online counselling

Why online counselling?

Counselling over the Internet offers many advantages and has a kind of charm that attracts more and more people interested in this form of mental health services. Probably the most important are the following features: Psychology of the Internet Ben-Ze’ev (Ben-Zeev, 2005), argues that the charm of the Internet lies in the availability of the network, imagination, interactivity and anonymity. “Triple A Engine” (Cooper, 1998, Cooper, Griffin-Shelley, 2002; Cooper et al, 2003). Cooper has described this kind of attraction to the Internet by coining the term ‘Triple A engine “: These three features of the Internet attract majority of people who are happy to use regularly electronic communication. Other researchers often point out two further features of online communication such as: Especially the latter feature – the possibility of trying to experiment with different roles and contexts, without the risk of social consequences, attracts a lot of people wanting to try ‘living other lives. “