《ワークショップのご案内》 セクソロジー基礎概論 全5回・30時間 今日の日本ではセックスレス、性暴力、LGBTQAなど、性に関するテーマは精神保健、医療、公衆衛生、教育などあらゆる分野で扱われるようになり、また個人やカップル、家族の身体的、精神的、社会的なウェルビーイングに深く関連しています。性科学、ヒューマンセクシュアリティの基礎を包括的に学ぶ専門家向けワークショップを、ぜひご一緒ください。 1. 臨床セクソロジー基礎・ 5月21日(日) 2. 生物学的アプローチ・ 6月18日(日) 3. 心理学的アプローチ・ 7月9日(日) 4. 臨床フォーカス1:障害・ 8月27日(日) 5. 臨床フォーカス2:介入法・ 9月10日(日) 講師:ダリュシュ・ピオトゥル・スコブロインスキーPhD、他 場所:文京学院大学本郷キャンパス(東京メトロ南北線・東大前駅直結) 時間:10時〜17時30分 参加費:早割料金 50,000円/全5回(5月1日(水)までのお申し込み) 通常料金 55,000円/全5回(5月2日(木)以降のお申し込み) 単回料金 12,000円/1回 初回特別価格でございます! 5回を通しての内容で計画をしておりますが、単回でのお申込みも受付ております。 クリルモッド・トーキョー http://clilmodtokyo.wixsite.com/clilmodtokyo お申込みはこちらから https://goo.gl/forms/liTxaVLz2sAL1rwI2

Dr. Dariusz P. Skowronski on YouTube about Sex and Sexuality

I am happy to invite you to watch the short interview about sex and sexuality, which is available on YouTube under the title: Dr. Dariusz P. Skowronski on the Importance of Sexuality, recorded by a sexologist Martha Tara Lee from Singapore. By … Continue reading

Single and Sexless: Celibacy Syndrome in Japan. An article by Jade A. Harvey

Please check this link to the online article on sexless couples and celibacy syndrome in Japan by Jade A Harvey published in The Yale Globalist, if you are interested in sexuality issues in Japan: Single and Sexless: Celibacy Syndrome in Japan. … Continue reading

The feral children – the extreme cases of nature-nurture dilemma

I recommend watching the documentary about the feral children – the extreme cases of children deprived of human care and “brought up” by animals or totally isolated from other humans under the very pathological circumstances, and the psychological, social, linguistic … Continue reading

Helen Fisher: the brain in love – TED talk

Helen Fisher – famous anthropologist and the expert on evolutionary research on romantic love – discusses the brain in love -TED talk about romantic love from the neuro-biological, anthropological and social perspective. Follow the link if you want to know … Continue reading

Does Japan need more research on the international marriages (Kokusai kekkon) and migration trends?

Japan, similar to the rest of the world, faces the complex process of rapid and profound demographic and socio-economic changes (Matsumoto, 2002; Kingston, 2004; Roach, 2009), challenging the established and time-honored attitudes and perceptions of social and intimate relationships, public … Continue reading

Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm. From TED talks

If you have aver wondered what is in utero fetal masturbation or whether it is possible to trigger an orgasm reflex in dead person, or even what is the relationship between modern farmers in Denmark and piglets production, then it … Continue reading

Gender dysphoria fka gender identity disorder

The American Psychiatric Association on 18 May 2013 released a new, fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), which intended to officially end a long term discussion over a controversial term “gender identity disorder”. The … Continue reading

Anti HIV/AIDS adverts.

What is the best and most effective way to promote safer sex? These are just a couple of examples of powerful, sometimes shocking ads. Be ready for challenging images! Women under 30 and HIVAct against AIDS

Ted Bundy – the psychopath and serial killer with sexual obsessions

I recommend this documentary about Ted Bundy, if you want to analyse the combination of factors in the process of development of a serial killer’s mind. The combination of the troubled childhood, abuse, narcissism, psychopathy, sex obsessions and crimes, addiction … Continue reading