セックスセラピー 日本の文脈における統合的アプローチ

2015年9月6日に第32回日本家族研究・家族療法学会にて専門家に対するワークショップ担当 内容:「セックスセラピー:日本の文脈における総合的アプローチ」 開催場所:学校法人 日本女子大学 目白キャンパス http://jaft32.tokyo/about.php#ws7 ワークショップの進行予定表 タイトル 「セックスセラピー :日本の文脈における統合的アプローチ」 目標 参加者は、セックスセラピーの理論的枠組みや、治療で扱われる問題が理論で実際どう捉え られるのかなど幅広い知識を学んでいただきます。また性に関するカウンセリングで使える 実用的な技法もご紹介します。 概要 第一部(150 分):セックスセラピーの理論  (10 分)挨拶&導入  (40 分)セックスセラピーにおける統合的なアプローチの理論的枠組み。  (60 分)性の経歴の聞き取りと PLISSIT モデル  (40 分)女性のセクシュアリティ、男性のセクシュアリティ、性的マイノリティ、 非定型性行動や性の健康上の問題など、性に関するカウンセリングの問題別技法 休憩(60 分) 第二部(150 分)セックスセラピーでの臨床応用  (40 分)女性のセクシュアリティ、男性のセクシュアリティ、性的マイノリティ、 非定型性行動や性の健康上の問題など、性に関するカウンセリングの問題別技法(つ づき)  … Continue reading

Sex Therapy in the Japanese Context

I will be presenting a clinical workshop for health professionals on September 6, 2015 at 32nd Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Family Therapy on Sex Therapy – An Integrative Approach in the Japanese Context, held at Japan Women’s University. … Continue reading

Book recommendation: Online Counseling, 2nd ed.: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals Hardcover – 2010 (Eds.) Ron Kraus, George Stricker & Cedric Speyer

This is a great read for everyone, who is interested in online counselling and therapy. Online counseling 2nd edition provides highly practical and applicable tools in different online settings, offering a comprehensive and useful resource of information for online therapists … Continue reading

The 13th Asia-Oceania Federation for Sexology Conference, Brisbane, Australia 22-25 October 2014.

I am pleased to announce the active participation at the 13th Asia-Oceania Federation for Sexology Conference, Brisbane, Australia on 22-25 October 2014. For more details please check the link to the 13th AOFS Conference 2014. I will be presenting on … Continue reading

Feminism in Modern Japan: Citizenship, Embodiment and Sexuality – book recommendation

Feminism in Modern Japan: Citizenship, Embodiment and Sexuality by Vera Mackie is a great read for everyone, who wants to understand modern Japanese women who rebelled against convention. Highly recommended to Students, academics and general public interested in the contemporary Japanese … Continue reading

Book recommendation – Constructing the Sexual Crucible: An Integration of Sexual and Marital Therapy by Dr. David Schnarch

Highly recommended landmark book for every professional, who is working in the field of sexuality and marital counselling/couples therapy. Please read more on Constructing The Sexual Crucible Overview and follow the link to Crucible® Therapy at Crucible® Institute website.

Book review – The New Paradox for Japanese Women: Greater Choice, Greater Inequality by Toshiaki Tachibanaki (橘木 俊詔)

Recently I have come across a very interesting analysis of modern Japanese women and their dilemmas related to the society, family and gender roles presented in a book published in 2010: The New Paradox for Japanese Women: Greater Choice, Greater Inequality, … Continue reading

The anatomy of dependence by Takeo Doi – Japanese Psychology and Japanese Mind

The Anatomy of Dependence (甘えの構造 Amae no kōzō) is one of the most important contributions to the science of Japanese mind and how Japanese define the social interactions. The book written by Japanese psychoanalyst Takeo Doi,  describes his insight into the … Continue reading

An insightful and breathtaking documentary about suicides in Japan: Saving 10,000 – Winning a War on Suicide in Japan

This is one of the most insightful and breathtaking documentaries about suicides in Japan, I have ever seen so far, presenting an amazing array of views, why Japan is characterized by one of the highest suicide rates in the world. … Continue reading

Mental Health Issues in Japan. Book recommendation

I strongly recommend a book: Mental Health Challenges Facing Contemporary Japanese Society. The “Lonely People” by Yuko Kawanishi, which presents a comprehensive analysis of such phenomena like: Karoshi, Sexless Marriages, Hikikomori, Parasite Singles and much more!