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ワークショップのお知らせ テーマ:セックスセラピーと臨床セクソロジー

ワークショップのお知らせ 日時:2016年1月16日~17日 テーマ:セックスセラピーと臨床セクソロジー ~ “日本”における性の問題に対する、統合的なアプローチ~ 対象:対人援助の専門家だけではなく、大学院生など支援に携わる方 (通訳が付きますので、英語が得意でない方もご安心ください) 内容:性の問題に関する「理解」だけではなく、現場での治療や支援に欠かすことのできない「技法」に関しても扱います。また、講義だけではなく、ワークも行われますので、より実践的な学びができる機会として役立てて頂ければと思います。 興味のある方は「支援者のためのセクソロジー講座(第2回)」をご覧下さい。 どうぞ、お誘い合わせの上、ご参加ください。

The upcoming workshop: Sex therapy and clinical Sexology: An integrative Approach in the Japanese context

I will be conducting the workshop on 16-17 January 2016: Sex therapy and clinical Sexology: An integrative approach in the Japanese context, offered to Japanese Health Professionals (in English with Japanese translation) Please check this link out, if you are … Continue reading

The documentary “Fighting an Invisible Enemy”

I recommend to watch the documentary about the mental health in Japan “Fighting an Invisible Enemy“, created by Taiyo Yagi, Dallace Johnson, and Zhou Jiayang, produced for Ethnographic Documentary Class, SILS, WASEDA UNIVERSITY 201 Dr. Dariusz Piotr Skowronski, Dr. Yuko … Continue reading

Sex Therapy workshop for the Japanese health professionals (in English with the Japanese translation)

https://www.facebook.com/events/1590396117893994/ 【「相談において“性”のテーマを扱うということ」 〜性障がい・性虐待・性暴力などへの治療や介入:臨床セクソロジーとセックスセラピーの視点から学ぶ〜】 性のテーマが相談のなかで出てきたときに、どう対応していいか戸惑うことも少なくありません。そこで、支援者自身が臨床現場で役立つ性についての知識や、臨床で性を扱う際に役立つ理論的枠組や実際に臨床で活用できる手法などを学べる講座として全3回シリーズの「支援者のためのセクソロジー講座」を企画しました。 *第1回「入門:臨床セクソロジーとセックスセラピー」2015/8/22 (土) – 23(日) *第2回「性に向き合う心理療法:セックスセラピーの実践と介入」2015年冬に予定 *第3回「性虐待や性暴力とセックスセラピー:子どもの場合・大人の場合」2016年春に予定 The Upcoming event: Sex Therapy workshop for the Japanese health professionals (in English with the Japanese translation). PROGRAM: This workshop is designed for the health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, counselors, … Continue reading

Sex Therapy in the Japanese Context

I will be presenting a clinical workshop for health professionals on September 6, 2015 at 32nd Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Family Therapy on Sex Therapy – An Integrative Approach in the Japanese Context, held at Japan Women’s University. … Continue reading

Total number of suicides falls below 30,000 for the second consecutive year.

This is not the success yet, but surely the right step in the right direction. Suicides in Japan have started to fall below 30,000 figure in 2013. You can find more on: Suicides in Japan fall below 30,000 for 2nd straight … Continue reading

An insightful and breathtaking documentary about suicides in Japan: Saving 10,000 – Winning a War on Suicide in Japan

This is one of the most insightful and breathtaking documentaries about suicides in Japan, I have ever seen so far, presenting an amazing array of views, why Japan is characterized by one of the highest suicide rates in the world. … Continue reading

Mental Health Care in Japan – open lecture by Dr. Yuko Kawanishi.

I recommend attending an open lecture about Mental Health Care in Japan conducted by Dr. Yuko Kawanishi and her work as a sociologist has focused on cross-cultural mental health issues. She is also a New York State-licensed Master Social Worker, … Continue reading

Mental Health Issues in Japan. Book recommendation

I strongly recommend a book: Mental Health Challenges Facing Contemporary Japanese Society. The “Lonely People” by Yuko Kawanishi, which presents a comprehensive analysis of such phenomena like: Karoshi, Sexless Marriages, Hikikomori, Parasite Singles and much more!